Windows 7 versus Windows 8

Why you might still want to your new PC to come with Windows 7 rather than Windows 8?

As an authorised Dell reseller we are able to supply you with a new Dell Laptop or desktop PC with Windows in English and a QWERTY keyboard.

Since the release of Windows 7, the computing field has changed significantly. In the past, desktops and laptops differed from smart phones and tablets considerably. However, now the lines between these two different types of devices have become blurred. To help dispel this blurriness, Microsoft has attempted to create an operating system that bridges the gap. The release of this new OS, Windows 8, has been met with good reviews but also some less favourable write-ups since its launch in 2012.

Here are a few of the reasons why people are saying they prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8:

- Feeling like chez vousy

Initially Windows Vista was unpopular when it came installed on many new computers. Over time, people eventually got used to the interface. Windows 7 was similar, and the visual differences between it and Windows Vista were minimal. So users started to like Windows 7 as well. Windows 8 however is really different from its predecessors. The interface is completely different and not everyone likes it. This is not a new problem for Microsoft; many people were also uncomfortable with Vista because it differed significantly from Windows XP in the same way that Windows 95 was radically different from Windows for Workgroups.

- A different user interface

Windows, Mac and even Linux distributions share a number of user interface similarities. Programs are accessed on the desktop or through a drop-down menu, and programs are organized in a logical manner. On smart phones and tablets, however, this paradigm does not work well, and a number of different paradigms are used. Windows 8 however uses the Metro interface, which breaks from the traditional desktop metaphor. Despite the availability of this interface on Windows Mobiles, many seem unfamiliar with it as their phones use iOS and Android.

- One Operating System- Two different user interfaces

Windows 8 has both the traditional desktop and the new modern experience. They are different but share the same operating system. Desktop apps don't run in the modern experience and modern apps don't run on the desktop. It reminds one of the happy days of Windows 3.1 in which you might need to run desktop apps and DOS apps simultaneously. It wasn't pleasant then and probably won't be pleasant now.

- Not many real advantages

Technically Windows 7 and Windows 8 run on similar code and offer similar features; most programs developed for Windows 8 will continue to accept Windows 7. In fact, many still run on good old Windows XP. Coupled with the lack of other advantages, there is little incentive for people of Windows 7 to make the upgrade. What few advantages there are will be negated by the unfamiliar interface and the time that will be wasted as users, particularly those of us that are not so young, waste precious minutes trying to perform tasks that only used to take seconds.

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