Online anti-virus/malware scanners 
This is a (non-exhaustive) list of online scanning sites that you can use if you think your PC is infected but the antivirus on the PC cannot clean it. Most will run under Chrome or Firefox, others insist you use IE ... ctivescan/ - (Only scans, no removal) - (Only scans, no removal)

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Still using Windows XP ? Another reason to think about upgrading. 
Last week Google made an announcement about its use of SSL/TLS with advice to customers on how to ensure the can continue to connect to Google's services.

If you're running Chrome, Firefox or IE 10 on a shiny new Windows 8 laptop you're laughing. However, if you still have systems running IE on Windows XP you may find yourself stuck. This is because Internet Explorer on Windows XP uses the underlying operating system's SSL services to make secure connections, but IE8 on XP does not add the necessary SNI header to outgoing requests. Unfortunately XP users cannot upgrade to IE9 or 10 so certain sites will not be available to them.

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Reminder from Microsoft that support for Windows stops in less than a year 
If you are still using Windows XP – or you know somebody who does – Microsoft would like you to remember that you only have 365 more days before the company will end all support for the operating system it launched in New York on October 25, 2001. Both Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 will go out of support on April 8, 2014, and XP users will stop receiving any new security updates, hotfixes and support (free or paid) from Microsoft. Worldwide, just under 40 percent of all desktops and laptops still use XP today, according to the latest data from Net Applications’ NetMarketShare.

Microsoft already ended mainstream support for Windows XP back in April 2009, but continued to offer extended support for commercial customers and security updates for all customers.

After April 2014, Microsoft writes, using XP is an “at your own risk” situation for “any customers choosing not to migrate,” and migrating will likely become costlier the longer a business stays on XP.

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